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  1. Hi, Microvolts fans! Greetings for the first time. This is Leo, who has been in charge of the director of Microvolts project since the second half of last year. First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in releasing Microvolts' service. Personally, under the goal of providing lifelong pleasure to the fans that love Microvolts, our team is preparing to start Closed Beta Testing(CBT) after fixing various problems. I would like to briefly talk about the new Microvolts project and what’s being prepared. #No More P2W We are going to remove all the P2W features, as much as we can. Hence, every in-game item is getting adjusted and modified so that it no longer affects the game balance. The cost of maintaining our game service will be mainly covered by the cosmetic or decorative items as well as the items for the player's convenience that won't affect the actual gameplay directly or indirectly. #New Social Features We are currently working on communication-oriented content as our main focus; particularly, content where players can show off their skills, their love for Microvolts, and their unique sense of fashion. #Balance.. To ensure players can still have the same experience as what they had in the previous Microvolts, we are approaching the balancing part very carefully. We are trying to remove any Items or stats that are considered to ruin the balance. In addition, overpowered items and stats will be adjusted in the near future. We look forward to your feedback to improve the game even more! In order to launch Microvolts on Steam platform in the second half of 2022, our team is working very hard to achieve this deadline. Please kindly understand that we have been staying quiet without showing you what we are currently working on; however, we are planning to communicate more actively on Discord during CBT. Here's a glimpse of one of the new costume art works in progress. I might bring some other new stuffs as well on the next post. Stay tuned! Thank you for your concern and interest in Microvolts. Please feel free to share your feedback through the forum. Sincerely, Leo