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  2. Fack you fack you fack you fack you
  3. (1)As long as no bit youtuber suddenly mains this game it will never be. Solely for the fact that the graphics are pretty old. Keeping it alive with some thousand of players would be enough.. they would need to actually start fixing things and advertise the game more. (2)Game wise: - More tutorials - Improved A.I Battle(current bots are a joke) Community wise: - experienced players helping the new people to get used to the game without just straight up farming them 24/7 - self-made tutorials on YouTube - being as nice as possible.. toxicity kills the playercount (3) Sounds okayish.. tho I don't have a plan on how abusable it is or not (4) - MP after matches - lowered prices for clothing/limited capsules - more variety in the shop for MP users - perhaps more MP on level up
  4. For me, one of the problem is here, the first screen is now, the second is microvolt surge (8 years ago) But, i haven't play toy heroes or something like that, so before i was good, and now i was bad, because it's not microvolt, it's more toy heros or i don't know, because i don't have play this, but it's not microvolt.
  5. I agree, all they had to do was make it a fair game, no P2W, improve the anti cheat, add rank system and that's IT. But guess what we got? Less items in the shop, mediocre weapon upgrades, horrible anti cheat, no rank system, no way to earn MP other than leveling up, mediocre level system, mediocre level icons, horrible for begginers, less maps, less game modes, no clan system, outdated UI.. etc. This is mediocre to say the least and somehow it took them 6 years to make the game even worse and people still have hope that they could improve it LOL.
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  7. Have fun putting it up for 600 daily players. Btw.. a registration fee? Really? Sounds weird and out of place tbh.
  8. This game is like broken and waiting for an update bla bla and it came out about 10 years ago, waiting another 4 years until it comes out again, I want to know what you call hard work
  9. Hello everyone, I've been thinking about reorganizing the international tournament between countries, the 'Nation Cup', to give the competitive community a much-needed refresh. I've also considered implementing a registration fee starting from 1 euro. Additionally, I've just submitted a support ticket to ask for possible assistance regarding the prize pool. I've already reached out to a few players who have participated in the past, and they've expressed interest. Here are some links related to the last tournament and how it went: https://www.youtube.com/live/IDeJvTKlRfY?si=pGrEeeoHgOR9i7Tq (one of the livestreams) https://toyheroes.net/board?nav=topic&topic=628 (forum post) I'd like to know what you think, and if anyone would be interested in contributing with anything (A good commentator? 😝), I would be grateful. I'm looking forward to receiving messages here and on Discord: Marcosio#8907
  10. I am sorry, but these are complete lies and you know it: 1st lie: You have no absolutely idea who I am, yet you blocked me. You usually block people that you have no encounter with? Strange. 2nd lie: You have me blocked for a week, yet I started playing some days ago. To be exact, on Tuesday or Wednesday. But somehow you know me from a week ago. Oh, but wait, how can you know me from a week ago if you have absolutely no idea who I am? Very strange, don't you think? 3rd lie: I harassed (I don't really think you know what harassment means, as it is a very powerful word) you for being a tank? No, honey, you started mini-raging against us because we were spamming and tanking. Afterwards, we played one more game and you said: "Of course you come into our team (yours and moonshine's) as we are always winning and you keep tailing us." I started laughing and left the game as it was simply ridiculous. 4th lie: You couldn't see my messages, nor seen them? That was a game later on from what happened in the previous part and when I joined I started arguing instead of playing because you started being toxic again towards me for "tailing you" and towards the enemy team. I don't know the whole truth about the situation that happened between you and the enemy team, but for sure when I entered the game you were the toxic one and the enemy team was just laughing about how ridiculous your arguments were. Oh, and you and Anti talked to me and the enemy team the WHOLE GAME, but somehow you couldn't see my messages. And after that game I was kicked, then blocked. Not before, as you state. Stop gaslighting, this is non-sense. I am not homphobic at all, I accept everyone as it is, but instead of talking to your friends to back-up your gaslight, you could have talk to me privately, in a mature way, as the truth is somewhere in the middle. I bet you have the right intentions, but trust me, you are not the positive person you assume to be. Anyways, I am not here to argue on a MV forum, I just said what I said because I believe this is the truth and I defend my truth. Whatever comes next is strictly your problem. P.S.: If you say something like: Why didn't you talk to me privately, in a mature way? I intended to, but you've blocked me, remember? The other night, not a week ago. Peace and love, honey xoxo
  11. 1: Unless pewdiepie starts playing the game; it won't. Best thing they can do is invest in advertisements and sponsors, while fixing up the decade old issues. 2: Best we can do as players is try to be nice and teach players that are obviously new to the game. Aside from this, its all in the company's hands. 3: CSGO has hundreds if not thousands of skins including but not limited to the diversity of quality of wear, stickers and stattrack. Microvolts does not. Implementing this system would just create a value problem with MP and RT. Most people would just buy the skin outright rather than roll the capsule machine, and as a company they stand to gain almost nothing from this. 4. You aren't. Best advice I can give is save all the MP you ever get and only buy cosmetics you really want. Don't roll on limited capsules unless you somehow find one with less than 30 items and it still has an A item.
  12. I think i should be the new microvolts president and be the bridge between the community and what they want and the development team soo they can focus on making updates and what they do best. Who is with me? #jonesbeckerforpresident
  13. so weird, i think MV surge was perfect just remove the " copoun weapons " and everything will be fine i think they waste the time for doing non sense that we don't ask for i was just hope for new maps, improving UI, make the texture in 4k ( improving the graphics a little ) and more other things
  14. problem is that the "reward" u get for playing is pretty bad, no rewards for MP after everygame is the worse decision they made, that, and also the level icons, are just too simple, they look like something a 5yo kid did for fun
  15. My opinion doesn't have to please you. That's mine, that's it,as you have yours regardless other ones. The main task is the wealth and the growth of the game, no point for you to argue.
  16. There is no point to argue with the community. It is okay if he thinks that way filled with hope. We clearly need to reach out to the devs to change anything. I hope they reading the forums, so lets stay formal here and dont blame anyone but the devs.
  17. I'd give them THAT excuse if they started the game from the base, but they literally had a fully finished game all they had to do was BALANCE IT. So that excuse is invalid, they just made the worst choices without being transparent with their player base nor taking the criticism that we gave them and just went with their horrible plans. Put all that in mind that they bought the game SIX YEARS AGO. So if that's SIX YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT do we have to wait 20 years for the game to be playable? Your logic is horrendous to say the least.
  18. Die hard fan or not, i just think that assuming stuff after two weeks is a bit too early. I don't think that the Company bought the rights, invested resources, time, effort just to develop a game for a few months. Therefore, before coming to any conclusion we must wait, that's about it.
  19. You are clearly a die hard fan. If we stay realistic here this game will lose more players in the future if this continues. This means no money and with no money there are no servers to maintain. Who wants to spend money on a game when there is noone left? Also who said they are trying anything? I never heard an admin said that, its just an excuse from the community to justify the shi. stage rn. EDIT: They cant even do a functioning website by the way- I am curious how they are fixing problems with a whole game. I mean balancing weapons are easy, just change some numbers but anything else they planned seems ambitious. I would be suprised if they know even how to code.
  20. Get used to it, the game offers you no motivation to play and devs not giving a single…
  21. Its been 7 years.. stop finding excuses. After 7 years of expectations we have the most unfinished version of the game. Judging after two weeks, but we are gonna wait 2 more years to be fixed as it should from the beginning
  22. Hello, it's your opinion, therefore i won't say anything to change your mind. I just invite you to be a little more patient, judging a game after two weeks may be too early. We all know, and the Company knows it too, that there are many things that need to be fixed; therefore let's see how they will behave, before we come to the conclusion.
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