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  2. I try to play the game but it always crashes after the map loads.
  3. Bug Fix Fixed an issue with capsule package image and its components showing different hair colors - Entrance Ceremony Full Party! - Entrance Ceremony Cute Student Added description for "Brown Mary Janes" item Fixed a glowing neck section of the Raptr Suit for Naomi, Pandora, and Sophitia
  4. Hi everyone, We would like to inform you that we have server maintenance. [Date] March 5 06:00 UTC [Downtime] March 4 22:00 - 00:00 PST March 5 01:00 - 03:00 EST March 5 07:00 - 09:00 CET March 5 15:00 - 17:00 JST [Duration] Approximately 2 hours [Purpose] Server stabilization Applying patch files Please note that the maintenance duration is subject to change without prior notice. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
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  6. Experiencing Steam login authentication issues on Windows 11? Ensure your credentials are correct, disable VPN, and verify Steam's server status. If problems persist, contact Steam support for personalized assistance. Happy gaming. FM Whatsapp Download
  7. I haven't visited this forum in months, and it's disheartening to see that nothing has changed. While I'll always have a fondness for this game, the lack of updates or fresh content makes it difficult to stay engaged. Frankly, I think I'd find more enjoyment watching bricks being laid at a construction site than playing the game in its current state.
  8. CASUAL TPS 『MICROVOLTS : Recharged』 Battle with your own figure! Hello players, This is MVR Team. We have a verified issue that we want you all to be aware about. - Color of the [Ice Blue Pigtails] in the [Cute Student Naomi] capsule does not match with the package image. ※ We apologize for any inconvenience this unexpected issue may have caused. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Best regards, MVR Team
  9. That's how the surge mods felt before surge shut down. Its so sad seeing history repeat itself. 😔
  10. This IP can just never catch a break, can it?
  11. I wish they would have listened to us (MODs) when there was time to fix everything and get back stronger than before.
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  13. MicroVolt was under Development since 2019, masangsoft is just Trash company that i know since 2015 ( When they bought asda global they simply killed it ) the game has thousand of players and 3 version was running with different language but when they bought it it's simply dead, not single uptade ! They killed GunZ and RaiderZ too
  14. (Since the patch are same thing with different .jpg I'll keep ctrl+c & ctrl+v about it🙃) Another same Login challenge with only new Stand.jpg Another only RT sets update that vet' players have already seen 😞 Still... - No match MP - No new map - No new/boss mode (👀) - No trade - No actual event & activity with rewards - No MP/Shop update - No innovation & creativity = No Players ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUT WAIT!! 🙌 THEY ADD... ✨SQUARE MODE✨ ☠️🏳️
  15. The problem with Microvolts isn't the amount of devs they have or have had. I mean look at ToyHeroes, run by just one or two people and they did fine. The real issue is the lack of transparency and communication from the Team working on the Game. We've thrown tons of ideas at them to make the game better, but they either ignore us or give us the same old line, 'yeah, we're working on it', without any action. But the devs are not to blame though it's definitely a management issue and unless things change or they get a whole new management, we're stuck watching the game we all loved so much die because of these incompetent monkeys
  16. Hello mvr guys. Everyone probably knows that our MVR's situation is not good right now. There are probably a lot of people wondering what on earth is happening to mvr. Through other Masang game-related users, I have received serious problems and stories about why MVR has become like this. He had been in contact with a developer who has now left masang. And the employees who left are also connected to the employees who are still working at Masang. Therefore, he can probably know the latest situation. I don't believe all of those stories, but considering the circumstances and conditions so far, I believe they are quite credible. First of all, the core of my story is mvr, but it is also deeply related to RaiderZ, another game from Masang. Quite interesting. After mv Surge, mv was owned by Masang, but there was almost no development. It has been under development for almost two years now, but has been largely neglected since the core development staff left. And the company didn't pay any attention to this. Because RZ was being developed at that time, the development priority was low. Skipping the mvr story for a moment, those who were waiting for RZ may be wondering what on earth masang was doing. After the first Facebook news in 2017, it was clearly under development until 2022, but all news disappeared after that. The employee who left the company said that RZ's internal development unofficially ended around April 2023. Even now, if you look at the Masang RZ Facebook page, you can still see some of the opinions of retired employees left as comments. Although the CEO directly ordered the end of development, it can be said to be ‘unofficial’ because the news was not disclosed to the outside world. Somehow it was shut down and there was a zero percent chance it would reopen, he said. Physically impossible. The reason RZ was terminated was due to the administrator's neglect, lack of manpower, and a serious lack of development data. Surprisingly, over the past 7 years, RZ has had an average of 3 to 5 development staff, and even those staff have had to stop RZ for a while when other live games arise. So in reality, there were 1 to 2 people who developed RZ throughout the period. From what he found, the development data itself was received incorrectly from the beginning, and he was even able to build it by importing data from a private server of unknown origin. So he said he had to rebuild everything almost from scratch. The situation was not conducive to normal development. During that period, he requested improvements regarding development difficulties, but most of them were ignored, and the CEO believed that development was progressing well. It can be said to be a misjudgment purely due to omission of reporting by middle managers. For a whopping 7 years! They were fooling their own employees and even their boss. In the end, the RZ project was destroyed due to the manager's incompetence and neglect, and there was no turning back. The reason why I gave a long story about RZ here is because the aftermath of this will soon lead to mvr. Around March 2023, RZ was shut down and the company immediately turned its attention to MVR, the development of which had been postponed until now. Originally, there was a developer in charge of improving mvr two years ago, but he also left the company due to the manager's incompetence, and most of the content improvements were not reflected. This refers to the shortcomings that most of you are currently feeling in MVR. Like RZ, mvr has also been neglected for two years with little development progressing. Preparations for the release of mvr began under the CEO's instructions, but because nothing was ready, it could not be released right away. It was necessary to prepare until at least 2024. Middle managers urgently decided to release mvr in September, and development began in April. Of course, it was only 5 months until MVR was released. Can you believe this? It's been 5 months. 5 months! This is the reason why many people criticized the updates during the CBT process. Almost all development personnel were urgently assigned to the game for five months, but because the key game designer left early on, nothing was developed properly. The only thing that was developed in 5 months was what we had seen so far, and the company was not interested in the quality of the game. They just improvised everything to blindly follow the CEO's instructions to release the game. It was released in September, but as everyone knows, there was a lack of updates after that, leading to a sharp decline in players. After launch, they reduced the number of developers back to the minimum, and the subsequent roadmap became empty due to the manager's incompetence and neglect. Now the number of players has dropped to about 100, and there is only a dark cloud over MVR development going forward. What do you guys think? RZ's development news is no longer uploaded, and considering the current status of mvr's development, it is clear that Masang Soft has imprisoned two projects.
  17. [Maid LOGIN CHALLENGE] ✨Event Duration : Mar 1 - Mar 31 Join in our Winter LOGIN CHALLENGE from March 1st to March 31st! Grab four Winter Stands by reaching a 7 / 14 / 19 / 24 day streak! This is your last chance to collect unique rewards just by logging in during the event period! ✔ Please Note that 1. Event rewards will be given only once per account. 2. Event details are subject to change without prior notice.
  18. [MAID SEASON SPECIAL RT CAPSULE!] ✨Event Duration Feb 27 - Mar 26 (Based on Maintenance time) Special Maid Costumes and Weapon A treat you can only enjoy during the event period! ✔ Please Note that 1. Event details are subject to change without prior notice.
  19. Event New SEASON CAPSULE Package - MAID SEASON package - New GENERAL package ※ Valentine Day SEASON RT Capsule sale will end at 06:00 on 2024-02-27 (in UTC Standard) LOGIN CHALLENGE - AS-IS : Valentine Day LOGIN CHALLENGE - TO-BE : Maid Day LOGIN CHALLENGE - From : 2024-03-01 00:00 (in UTC Standard) Update Adding Square Mode Enhancement with tutorial item rewards for new players - After finishing the tutorial, all characters will be equipped with the tuned weapons and parts Bug Fix Fixed an issue with some C.H.I.P. parts being miscategorized in the shop Fixed an issue with some parts of Naomi and Sophitia appearing to overlap with skirts
  20. Hi everyone, We would like to inform you that we have server maintenance. [Date] February 27 06:00 UTC [Downtime] February 26 22:00 - 00:00 PST February 27 01:00 - 03:00 EST February 27 07:00 - 09:00 CET February 27 15:00 - 17:00 JST [Duration] Approximately 2 hours [Purpose] Server stabilization Applying patch files Please note that the maintenance duration is subject to change without prior notice. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
  21. Honestly, there was a private replica called ToyHeroes before MicroVolts Recharged came out, its gone now
  22. Encountering Steam login authentication failure on Windows 11 can be addressed by ensuring a stable internet connection, verifying login credentials, and checking for Steam server status. Clearing cache, restarting the client, or reinstalling Steam may resolve issues. Additionally, confirming firewall settings and disabling VPNs can contribute to successful authentication.
  23. First of all i have not in months. Also just because you are struggling irl doesn't mean you need to get jealous on players who got a bigger budged than a 5 year old kid who gets allowence from their parents. Second i am not a melee player, since the release i have never joined a melee only room and yes not even once. I just like to melee bots like you. Lastly "youre just catching on" i have been saying the same stuff for about 3 years now. You've been obsessed with me since the game came out and it's getting creepy.
  24. Masangsoft doesnt care about the game. They only care about the money, this happened with previous games that they bought and it will be the same with microvolts aswell. The 1st problem that the community ignored was that they changed the client and didnt update the most recent one which was Surge version even tho it wasnt the best, shouldve been the one that they started with not an older one....
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