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  2. Based on "Ori's" forum post it seems people on this forum is divided on the games state so...I'll give my predictions on the game development for this year. I'll try to make this short. •The third beta phase will be released on either end of march? Or April-may-mid june.. since one of the GM said "very soon" so i guess were getting close. •Possibly open beta will be released on July-August or mid September? On October to November, the game will be a state of polishing (fixing bugs, weapons sound, stats and etc) And the official release date will be on Christmas or maybe end of November (as said on the steam page..or thats the i remember it..) Thats my predictions.i i hope the developers doesn't stretch the release date to another year, i really want this game to release this year because the community will just lose hope and patience at this point and move on to other games, while toyheroes are literally making money out of the game they dont even have the rights to own. As much as i want to play the game right now...I refuse to play toyheroes. I dont wanna support shady people. Also the devs saying that they have a "roadmap" for the game and milestones? I sure hope they could at least reach it, im not gonna give them high expectations as they are a small team. But i still have faith on the team, hopefully we could finally play Microvolts this year. Dont let us down devs! Thank you for your time and have a great day/night! (⁠ ⁠◜⁠‿⁠◝⁠ ⁠)⁠♡ Oh yeah, took naomi out for a walk but she looks upseat, like is she trying to tell me something?
  3. Gunna have to heavily disagree with most of what you've said, especially what I bolded. There's a difference between patience and knowing the history of the developers. This isn't the first game they've nuked into the ground and as much as I want to be nice to them, we still need to be less "blindly optimistic" and more skeptical. Blaming the community for "being impatient" is such a poor take I see around the forums often and it's abit upsetting considering it's got no weight behind it and gives developers an excuse to not communicate and do whatever they want. Obviously I'm not their boss, I can't tell them what to do and they can do whatever they want, but they have a game to maintain so it'll heavily impact what happens if they continue with the silent mindset. Please don't white knight for the developers, they're people yes, but they're still running a company. They've communicated recently after quite some time, which is good, but it should continue being that way and not some one-off thing that rarely happens. It's the lack of communication that causes people to """be impatient""", because during the first beta when they were active, people were patient and the communication had a nice flow. "Weapon balancing is the least of my concern" is probably the worst take I've seen on the forums. This game is niche, thats an objective truth, it doesn't have the wiggle room to have constantly bad weapon balancing and the time for it (games like fortnite and csgo do). Not to mention the gameplay is pretty dated, it's fun sure, but it won't be to everyones tastes and the moment they get hit with back to back "bad balance" updates, they're going to leave and the game / company is going to bleed revenue. Weapon balancing is literally the biggest part to keeping the game relevant and if the game is unfun due to this, people will leave. Microvolts doesn't have the playerbase to keep it sustained so they need to get it right on the first few tries or it's game over, especially for newer players. "People got used to the old ways and don't want to change back, however this is why we need another beta." What, that's because it felt more balanced before, even amidst the chaos of god weapons in surge (or the first beta for recharged). We don't need another beta, we need more active communication between the devs, they clearly aren't the best at what they're doing (again, especially with their history), but waiting months upon months for afew changes in a beta just to wait more months instead of them just talking to the people who've played the game before is pretty painful to experience. They listened to us but again, since lack of communication, they exaggerated the changes we wanted (and didn't really fix any bugs either). I hope they do communicate more, as they did recently but already gone silent, so only time will tell...but they won't have much "time" if they mess up again. The 2nd beta was already a huge turn off for the community so a 3rd bad beta could be the nail in the coffin for microvolts.
  4. Yeah of course the second beta was quite rough, however, considering the first beta was made mainly to test server capabilities and balancing and get a better perspective from the players view, the second beta is bound to be nothing but quite rough. Actually I would go so far to say it should've been worse. There's a lot to think about when it comes to games, it's not just the balancing of weapons that's the core thing about the beta's. That can be changed anytime and as much as it needs, it takes long time to find what works and balancing in games is something that changes all the time, it's never set in stone, look at most games, as shooters like, Fortnite, Apex Legends, CSGO, Even to this day they make balancing changes, some more than others. Weapon balancing is the least of my concern. Don't judge a game from it's beta, alpha, or early access. Some other servers are the exception since they took the weapon balancing from the old microvolts and just smashed it in. Which definitely would work here too. However, since there will be a competitive scene, that honestly, wouldn't work properly. Everything has been balanced to be too powerful, lasers that can 3 shot in the head while running and jumping, 1 shot machines that can be shot 100ms before you actually land, while moving and still in the scoping animation, that also reload in less than half a second. While shotgun can randomly 1 hit, but if not used correctly can do close to nothing. This system is probably one of the most enjoyable Shooting systems in any game, however it's probably the hardest to balance out. In any game you watch, there's always one weapon or two on top. That's how it goes, there's always a meta and will always be, that's why there are balancing changes, to change the meta. People got used to the old ways and don't want to change back, however this is why we need another beta. The point I was making wasn't that the game itself was good, It was that the TEAM was good. People asked for rifles to be less powerful, They did that, but maybe not correctly, however they did listen. People asked to nerf bazookas, They nerfed the bazookas. People asked for shotguns not to one hit. Shotgun could barely one hit, Only 1 shotgun could actually one hit. I personally asked for more resolutions, and some of those were even added. My point is not that the game was in a good state or if the game itself changed a lot between the first and second beta. My point was that the TEAM was listening and acting accordingly to what the community had to say to the best of their abilities. They stated previously that some of the things asked, wasn't available in the time limit, but they would keep working on those to fix those problems. They would take longer, and some of them would even take too long, so they put those aside FOR NOW. I don't remember where I read it, but it was on the Forums. This is what eventually makes a game good. No game is good in it's beta, alpha or early access, Only a few games are the exception. But as said, people lose both faith and patience if things take too long. However I tend to know that the community of Microvolts all have some sort of addiction and hope for the game no matter how much time passes. Sorry for the super long response, wasn't quite sure on how to formulate my thoughts and views o/
  5. Last week
  6. For the ones outside the loop the second beta was the one that made it so snipers were the only weapons worth using because everything else did very little damage alongside making one third of the rifles completly useless because aparently turning the hornet from a relatively fast firing weapons that was accurate at medium range and did respectful damage into a very slow firing weapon that had little accuracy after the third shot (picture counter strike rifle running accuracy) was a good idea. Oh also they introduced recoil because thats a thing that microvolts should have, spam your shotgun too fast and your aim will be straight up.
  7. Respectfully, the second beta was quite rough also. I was quite disappointed when I had spent hours leaving detailed feedback and testing during the first beta, just for the second to not be much better. This game has so much potential, I'd be devastated to see this game struggle to be brought to it's well deserved peak. The technical side of the game is great, they've added the scoped sensitivity, which is something people had wanted forever, they've fixed a few bugs and improved on memory issues that have been around forever. I just hope this beta will be quite a large improvement, because for the health of this game and it's community, a fourth beta would only cause more harm than good, people are getting desperate and very impatient, which I can understand. For a game that many found very fun in it's broken state (previous MicroVolts versions), which fixing generally just requires a bunch of stat changing, along with altering and rebalancing the ways that items are acquired, shouldn't take four phases of betas to resolve it's fairly straightforward issues. I'm very excited for this (hopefully final) beta phase, but man I'd be very disappointed if it didn't turn out to be a huge step in the right direction.
  8. my man you're trippin balls, the second beta was almost the same as the first one. I respect your optimism but we're just unfortunate to have masangsoft as developers.
  9. Hmmn, how come disappointed? I've seen nothing but greatness myself. The first closed beta was a mess sure, but the second one showed that the version we all want as players, will most likely end up super close to the end result of what we will get. In case you weren't up to date with everything from first to second beta I'll explain a little. After the first beta, A LOT of forum posts and discord messages were sent giving as much feedback and changes the players wanted to see with the game. Then on the second beta, whether or not the changes were implemented correctly, almost everything the players asked for, was changed. It was just rough around the edges, and any beta that can see such improvements from the first to the second has an insane amount of potential. When developers in a project can see through what they themselves would like to change, and accept what the players themself wants. That game will have a bright future. I get that some of the changes were weird, however, it's what the player base asked for, and some of the changes the players wanted, ended up being worse than better and made it feel worse. It made both the players and the developers understand that some changes, though we might want them, might not be for the best, however, it gives me a lot of hope seeing that even though it was a bad change, the developers did the change that was asked for by the community. But now is the question, will those changes we didn't like, be adjusted for the better, changed back to it's previous state, or left as is. I would say any but left as is, would be the right choice. Now we just have to wait and see. So far so good though.
  10. I will be dissapointed if it's a 3rd crappy beta in a row. Especially after months of silence and not updating the website. This isn't the first time we have been let down by the developers. I hope they are done with terrible time wasting idea's and finally listen to the forum
  11. that's rlly rlly cool art! i rarely seeing ppl drawing arts based on MV, keep it up
  12. Oh, yeah, you are right. Interesting XD.
  13. somehow, you can simply launch the client and end up in server lists, but since none of em are active, still not possible to play the game anyway
  14. oh how i love these so much! i wish i could pay you because i wanna fanart of pandora with her kitty hears :<<
  15. Thank you. Even little communication like this goes a long way
  16. Microvolts had its service in Latin America under the name "Microwars" by the company "Softnyx". It had a very good acceptance and number of players for the year 2013-2014. Please take consideration of our Latam region The server was in Peru.
  17. Will there be a new announcement?
  18. Unfortunately, it seems like there isn't any other available region in the South America AWS regions other than Sao Paulo. But the team will keep an eye on this to see if there's any change.
  19. You mean Missions (english)?
  20. The word "Misiones" is in Spanish (Latam), not in Portuguese (Brazil). And I take advantage of asking if there will be a server for Latin America? We are not from Brazil, please dont confuse us with them, we have a lot of ping difference with Brazil.
  21. Sorry about that. It was an accident, yes.
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