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  2. Howdy folks, been a while! Just came back from holiday and ready to start drawing again! Here's a warm-up drawing for you: Troublemaker CHIP!
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  4. I like your dedication You make me proud, son xD
  5. Dang I don't remember my friends' nicknames anymore and I don't have screenshots because it was on an old computer... Anyways, my nickname was DoUrememba in case someone might remember. for some reason I only remember the nickname Yuduki (only melee player) and I recognized knoxfatty I remember I have youtube videos! it doesnt let me comment with the links check out DoUrememba on YouTube I had some sexy RT items!
  6. Last week
  7. I mean it looks like they made them more human in these sets. they are sets not the character models. the one on the right of Naomi is chip just as a human XD
  8. How can i never heard about this game before! After watching all those gameplays in YT, i can say this is such a gem for an old school shooter! I'm looking forward on it!!
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  10. I don't have friends :c lost all of them.. I would like to meet them again. Anyone from italy tho?
  11. I vaguely remember someone with the name sheild something, but I certainly don't remember hating people or uncomfortable, I had pretty good community circle so I don't think I even have a reason to hate Maybe I'm not the person you think I'm? But hey, welcome back lol
  12. DEFINITELY stands out from the croud! - Microrock CHIP
  13. okay so I finally remembered my name was Shield if you remember
  14. Hey, it's nice that you still have this game in your heart ^^ Not just you, me and everyone in this forum who are checking up everyday for any announcement are all attached to this game. Basically this game was almost everyone's childhood so ofc when we think back in our life this is all its all about and we do hope it will be out.. according to announcement the game should be around October but not really sure
  15. "Trash? Why yes, i am! Good eyes you got there!" - Junkbot CHIP
  16. I'm only complaining about the closed beta timing... to make tests and then release on the same half of the year is so bad of an idea, especially when there is a lot to test since the game is already advanced with content to test with... and especially about the lack of information or communication from them... postoponing the release date 2 times, and then post another supposed release date and then dip i feel actually stupid to still believe them after everything... they need to gain our trust, and by doing this ''working behind the scenes'' is a joke... we need information about the changes...
  17. Heyyy I don't know your name so I can't say anything, also I don't remember hating anyone in that game .. Maybe you want to know if this game is still alive lol, we all have nostalgic hit sometimes randomly u know
  18. wow I remember you,knoxfatty, Chew123, and Namichu. I also remember you kinda hated me back in the day lol. The thing is I dont remember my name and I have no clue why I remembered this game suddenly after not playing for nearly 7 years
  19. 2nd of july to be precise. Though since they said the second half of 2002 it could mean the game is launched in the 31st of december.
  20. You guys do realise that second half of 2022 is July, right? We haven't even reached that deadline yet. Its either sometime in July, or August, because they've released the announcement in February.
  21. Got nothing funny to say about this one, sorry. It turned out oakay i guess
  22. I don't remember when I started playing Microvolts, but what matters the most is that I'm here for a new start
  23. Always wanted to do this - Incognito CHIP!
  24. Another false hope... please stop... getting a little tired of people assuming dates, after 2 postpones and a third supposed release date, making false hopes with this situation is not beneficial for anybody... because at this point not even fucking Leo knows when the game will be released, what a fucking joke...
  25. Heyy, thanks for that yeah I added him to my contacts and we are friends now. Thanks for letting me know
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