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  1. COuldnt access the website yesterday, anyone had that issue as well ?
  2. Back in 2011 friend of mine introduced me to the game, he even made my account back when we were 6th graders i believe. Played it for a bit then stoped, came back a while later but didnt stick around for long, dont know why, i recall lag and gangman style taunt. Came back a year later because friends started playing and pretty much stuck around till it shut down. This was my childhood alongside minecraft, miss playing it till the sun rises.
  3. Nope seems like something noice is coming.
  4. A whole new website ? Why not stick with using this one ?
  5. Wasnt home so i didnt see any of this, does anyone know what happened ?
  6. It gives off a bit of a cyberpunk feel so maybe edge ? Either that or "its not a phase" knox.
  7. Thats my buddy kevin, he also hacked the pentagon and beat herobrine at poker.
  8. They wont even admit they are a private server so i doubt it. You could ask them though.
  9. Oi dont bonk me, machine tits are still tits and therefore good! Better even if youre with the mechanicus.
  10. And chip too, after giving him some optional robo tiddies
  11. They have till the 31st of december at 23:59:59 after that and they have lied to us once more.
  12. Indeed but a bit of communication would be pretty nice, doesnt matter what it is, could be a love poem deidcated to naomis thighs to what shirt colour hes wearing.
  13. They havent given us any other updates which is making me alongside others believe many others feel like they havent changed at all and that the next announcement will be yet another postpone for the next year.