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It's very sad to see this


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I have no comments about this.


"A picture is worth a thousand words"
- Arthur Brisbane


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Like i said this game could have blown up if they had not changed anything exept for the existing bugs from surge.

The sad part is they are money hungry and DONT realise that if they kept things the way they were, they would have made WAY MORE money AND had a healthy/happy playerbase.

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Imagine i played masanghards trash games before MVR released. sorry but i knew this would've happen due to their previous fails.




I-I-I wanna give you one last option
I-I-I wanna give you one last chance
If-if you're looking for the main attraction
Just hold on tight and let me do my dance

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This is just sad.... I dont play this game just because no weapons lvl. To me that lvl 9 glowing was everything and would have payed big money for that.....

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