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Favourite game mode


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Microvolts had quite a lot of game modes, some of which offered a completly diferent way of playing the game, from boss mode that pitted you against a giant monster that i still have no idea what it is( though i do hope they keep it and expand upon not only boss mode but more coop focused modes) to zombie mode which was by far my favourite game mode. While not a new concept, other games had an infection game mode long before microvolts did, however this one was by far the most fun simply because you had more options than to hide in a difficult to reach place and fire down on the zombies. The mobility this game offered gave you diferent ways of playing by dodging zombies and shooting them in the back, running away using the maps layout, using vantage points,etc. It was always a fun rush having a mob of zombies coming after you while you jumped around firing back at them. Plus this game has made something that few other games with infection modes has managed to do, playing as a zombie was fun. It took timing to hit someone and the added speed and jump height coupled with the ability to further increase your movement made it so wherever the figures were hiding you could get there.

So now im curious as to what your favourite game mode was and why.

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Clan war was the most entertaining for myself as i was always was trying to push myself to be better into this game in order to achieve more kills and secure rounds for the clan i was in.

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