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👑Clan Battle Event & Tournament Platform Triumph👑


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Battle with your own figure!

This is the CASUAL TPS Microvolts Team here, and we’re here to invite you to prove that your clan is the best!

With nearly $2,500 worth of RT as prizes, the Clan Battle Event will run for approximately three weeks, from December 2 to December 15. 
We would like to encourage your support for the clans that have been finalized to participate.

We would like to introduce you to Triumph, a tournament platform in development by Masangsoft. 
It's currently in beta, but we're aiming to make this as a platform where anyone can organize a tournament.
The Clan Battle Event will also be held on Triumph, and we will be announcing brackets and match results through it.

When Triumph officially releases in the future, it will be linked with MVR, and we'll be offering various benefits such as sign-up events.

[Clan Battle Event] Check for brackets and Match results



1st Place Clan: Exclusive 1st Place Clan Mark + 140,000 RT
2nd Place Clan: Exclusive 2nd Place Clan Mark + 70,000 RT
3rd Place Clan: Exclusive 3rd Place Clan Mark + 35,000 RT

All Participants: Limited Capsule Coupon Pack (10) per person

※  Please note that among the ranking rewards, the Clan Mark will be retained until the next Clan Battle Event takes place.



※ Precautions for Clan Battle Event


✔ Please comply with the [Clan Battle Event Rules].

[MICROVOLTS: Recharged] Clan Battle Event Rules


✔ Rewards will only be given to the entry members of the clan whose participation is confirmed after the application is completed.
    -  How RT rewards get distributed: The RT will be evenly distributed among the number of members registered in the entry.
     - Participant rewards: All members registered in the entry of the clan that have participated in at least one match will receive.


✔ From November 7, 2023, 08:00 UTC until the rewards are distributed after the Clan Battle Events ends, if the nickname does not match the one in the application, you will not be able to obtain the rewards.


✔ The event details are subject to change without notice.

Best regards,
MVR Team

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