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Im too scared to post in this forum but here i am.. anyways maybe they should add forum emotes with the charas i only made this on my small laggy phone for 20-30 minutes (ill probably make more im still waiting for my ipad to be fixed) but this is just an example..who knows i might make a whole set of em ; D

I love this game and i still have hope for the development team! I know they've been working hard! I'll come back to this forum to read news about development and y'all are really nice people..ill be active in the forums but ill just be on the sidelines haha

Also it looks rushed, thats because it is.ย : Pย 

Have a great day/night !


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This looks so good and its made on a phone aswell, keep it up... next time i wanna see a chip one holding a heart ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

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