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Leo do something pls


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This game has never had good game settings. I can't use the resolution I want (1550x1050) and I'm forced to use the native resolution (1920x1080).... Then I'm playing at 60hz and I can't switch. Finally I've never seen a game with worse sensitivity, this game is terrible when it comes to sensitivity, there is no sensitivity for X and Y and there is no sensitivity for the targeting of the Rifle and neither for the Sniper-Rifle, this is a sensitivity for everything. Do you find this competitive????? In the screenshots that I will show you will see that inFortnite these problems d o not exist!!!



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i back him up on the ads sens its so bullshit not having the option to tone it down. there should be a rifle scope and a sniper scope slider

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The only problem is the resolution for some people, not all of us will play 2k because there will be tryhards that will play the game stretched like how i played because of easier sniper shots beside the game isnt even optimized for bigger resolutions did you see the textures? And they dont have that big of a budget either, i think they said something about the budget in a reply or announcement i think, not sure. The real problem is the sensitivity + they wont have to do much for the sensitivity problem.

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(Sorry if this isnt helpful)


I understand your problem, i really do..

i had a Ultra-Wide 32inch and it was utter useless to play when your game is displayed in the mid while the rest of the screen is literally empty...

but you gotta realize this game is made for low end pc and not for RTX gaming settings or even HDR. They gotta do alot of adjustment and thats probably gonna take an another 10 years probably ... 


(i agree on the sensitivity thing, it is alot helpful for sniping )

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