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Forum Rules

Forum Rules (Last Updated: 26th Oct, 2023)


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✔ Language


When posting in the forum, please think about the choice of words. Using a coarse language, insulting and using every other term and expressions to disrespect, to flame, to defame other users is not allowed.


✔ Violence/Racism/Sexuality/Religion


It’s strictly forbidden to use the forum for the upper written themes.
Sharing contents that include violent actions, racism, sexual acts, insults towards a religion, pornography will be punished.


✔ Cheats & Viruses


Using the forum to advertise and discuss websites containing cheats/viruses/exploits/trojans is not allowed.


✔ Alternative Accounts


Using an alternative account to bypass a forum suspension is not allowed. Moderators will ban the alternative account, and increase the length of the original account’s suspension.


✔ Advertising/Spam/Copyright


Advertising platforms, websites, games and such not related to Microvolts Recharged is forbidden.
Messages repeatedly being sent without any meaning are considered spam.
It’s not allowed to use the forum to post copyright-infringing material or asking for information on how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials.


✔ Scamming


It’s strictly forbidden to trick & scam users with the intention to reveal personal information ( phone number, payment details, account access information, home address etc..)


✔ Impersonating Staff


It’s not allowed to impersonate a staff member (Moderators, Game Masters, Admins).


✔ Character Assasination


It’s not allowed to use the forum to defame another user. If you wish to report a player, you have to open up a ticket to the support team

-> https://www.masanggames.com/SUPPORT_INQUIRY


✔ Off-Topic Posts/Multi Posts


Using the forum for topics not relevant to the forum topic, may be deleted at the moderators’ discretion.
We wish to keep the forum clean, therefore we kindly ask you not to post consecutive posts discussing the same topic, and not to bump old and resolved posts.



We kindly ask you for common sense while posting in the Forum. You have the right to disagree with other users and explain your perspective, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to attack,insult or belittle the quality of this Community.


MVR Team


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