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More weapon levels

More cosmetic levels

Ranked league (in progress I guess which is VERY good thank you.)

Trading sistem (It's not extremely needed at the moment but further on would be good)


thats it thank you

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I agree to both recommendations but for most part i want those random DCs and game errors to be fixed. 


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I agree with the trading system for sure. I think if these crashes and disconnects were fixed, and bringing back the trade system would restore interest in a lot of players. Also, I've got plenty of dupes to trade with players so that'd be great 🤣

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No weapon lvls, then ul get in game with everyone having different weapon lvls, its gonna be unbalanced game, play to have adventage not good..cosmetic lvls same, we didnt have that before ?

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First priority should be to get the weapon gameplay back to feeling smooth. As an example, the delayed sniped shooting time, good on paper, bad in game. Makes the gameplay feel clunky, which is the opposite of what I've always called this game. Which is a smooth, fun multiple weapon game. Basically everyone I know is asking for Microvolts or Toyheroes weapon balancing. Or at the very least, remove rifle damage drop down, and the sniper pickup delay shot. These 2 just kill the most popular and fun playstyles in the game, which is playing aggressively, and being good at aiming. You shouldn't be punished for playing well.

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