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Suggestion for weapon differentiation


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Hello MiraX here.

So basically, we all know that having JAM(A)(B)(C)(etc.) is a bad idea because we can't distinguish the gun stats clearly enough and it's not aesthetically apealing. I'm suggesting Masangsoft to create variant colors of the same weapons: Jam Gold, Jam Silver, Jam Bronze, Jam Copper. In this way, we can distinguish weapons much more easily than we do with the A B C D method.

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I don't think they will do something like this because it would be different skins for each type, which is something they are avoiding. But I agree, I miss having a way to differentiate them. Maybe add something different in the weapon's thumbnail, like a text or a colored frame. The rare weapons already have a different color of background and frame (check screenshot), so they could just use the same system. That way we could at least differentiate it in the inventory without having to read the weapon's name.




One thing is for sure, they definitely have to change the A/B/C/D to any other nomenclature ๐Ÿฅฒ. I disagree to using Gold/Silver/Bronze as it implies one is better than another, but it could be just the name of the weapon specialty, for example:

  • Melee (A) -> Melee (Run Speed);
  • Melee (B) -> Melee (Range);
  • Melee (C) -> Melee (Power).
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The ABCD idea is not too bad, It helps recycle more than one weapon type instead of just focusing on gold, silver, and bronze colors to differentiate power rankings.

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