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Found 3 results

  1. What games, animes, shows, or anything you're interested in you'd wanna see Microvolts collab with? whether it's outfits, weapons, accessories, etc! For me personally I'd love to see a League of Legends collab! for example, Evelynn as Pandora!
  2. ❧Try closing Steam and logging in again. ❧Be careful if the antivirus or Windows firewall is interrupting a file, blocking it, etc. ❧On the other hand, go to Steam > MicroVolts > Right click > Properties > Installed files > Verify integrity of game files. ❧ Repair system files: command prompt > sfc /scannow (search on Google for command list). ❧ Disable extensions from Microsoft Edge or from another browser if you use it. ❧ Update drivers/windows updates. ❧ Reinstall .dll (or the dll that told you the error) by doing a Google search. If none of this works you should contact support by accessing the official website. On the other hand you have the general discord chat. If you have anything else to add about resolved bugs, it would be appreciated. If I can help you or you need quick help, you can find me in the game's official Discord by joining it and, simply writing in the channel "help_and_tips".
  3. For anyone asking themselves what this weird kind of [GAME] thread is for, the old and original forum back when MV was first launched included a bunch of random game threads that became addicting and fun for some. So, here is to keeping the tradition going 10 years later! The game is pretty simple and a spin-off of the much known 'vending machine' thread-game; insert something into the vending machine, and the next poster tells what you got for it. Then they insert something and get someone else to tell them what they got for that. I insert an apple into the vending machine...