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  1. (sorry for another reply, i cant edit no more) i wont keep saying this kind of stuff until the end of the year, i'll wait the deadline, until then i'll wait without saying anything about this topic just because of people here that still got some hopes, and i think its hypocrite of me by keep saying these stuff... so i will shut up and see... Lets wait...
  2. Damn, you almost got me there lmao
  3. Yeah, they are not lying, thats ok, because i dont think that they wanted to delay the release date, but even so, their reputation for this situation definetely got hit by the postpones... and by that, my opinion changed towards masangsoft... i'm just stating my opinion on all of this situation, just because i'm saying something thats does not go towards masangsoft favor, does not mean that its a negative attitude... that's just my opinion, and what i think... everyone can say otherwise, not everyone shares the same opinions... its just that after 5 years of waiting, i think i had enough patience of waiting... its been so long, and we got so little info about the situation, thats the thing that i'm mad about... thats it.
  4. adding another reply because it seems i cant edit no more, after 5 minutes of posting it... i think u already know, but when u are frustrated, and mad to someone, i dont think that u would just keep the composure and keep it together and say 2 words... that day i lost it with all of this situation, and posted that reply, saying all what came to my mind and posted it... because, seriously, how the fuck is possible to keep postponing a release date of a game that already has been released? i know that there is a lot behind the scenes, but still the only possible excuse is that they would change the whole game, but i doubt it, becuase the only thing Leo said is about balancing weapons, and not a drastic change on the playstyle or graphic big change... just about balance... so, i think the game will be the same, with some minor changes...
  5. so me by writing my frustations about the game, and their choices is cringe? the way i said it it might be, but still my opinion wont change about it... still, cringe or not... the one cringe about all of this situation is masangsoft...
  6. But people need to understand that giving false hopes is not good for their reputation in the future updates and such... because if they keep lying about a release date just to make us ''happy'' its just a mean way to do things... If they keep this way of doing, first, i won't believe everything they have planned or promise in the future, and two, i wont even think our feedback will ever give a crap to them, looking the situation, everyone here is upset about the communication issues, if they really care about our opinion they would have at least replied to a post, thats the bare minimum to do in this situation people are even giving up, like myself... i won't support the game via money no more, because i dont feel this company trustworthy... i started being optimistic about this game, but now, im the complete opposite
  7. if that will ever happen... i wont even try to play this game no more... i feel like i'm the stupid one to keep waiting after all of those promises made... one time? ok thats fine i'm still optimistic... two times? ok i'm starting to lose a little hope... THREE TIMES? SAME SHIT??? no, thats where i draw the line... do they really think that they can put a deadline and still not keeping those deadlines? just a ''sorry'' is not enough... i wont support a company that treats their players like we dont deserve some info, treated like you are not worth their time?... what are we even doing in this forum... there is NOTHING to discuss about, discuss about their bad way to communicate?? oh boy i can keep going on how this is ridicolous... almost half a year passed and still nothing new to discuss to talk, to give feedback... just saying what my mind is right now, if people is still hopeful about this game, good for you for keeping this mentality towards masangsoft, but me? ahaha nah... i started by saying that i would spend money on the game, but right now, i wont spend a single dollar towards the game.. i do not support a company that does not have a good communication with the community, because after the release something bad happens, our word will not matter at all... like we are right now, i feel like i'm talking to the void... i even made a long ass post on how this game could make it out alive on the market of the industry... but still it feels like i'm talking to a wall... there is no way that they will postpone another time.. if that ever happens, then Leo should not be the head of this project at all... because right now my opinion towards his way of doing, is horrible... and i'm studying to join the gaming industry... i hate when there is 0 communication... i hate it so much... and i hate his way of doing ''behind the scenes'' excuse... ahahha what a joke Leo, no seriously... what a fucking joke... lost my interest of spending money on this game... there are games that are worth my time... at this point im here just to see what they will do with the game, and then dip the fuck out of this game... they made mistakes, too many mistakes to the point that i wont be a player no more for this game...
  8. I'm only complaining about the closed beta timing... to make tests and then release on the same half of the year is so bad of an idea, especially when there is a lot to test since the game is already advanced with content to test with... and especially about the lack of information or communication from them... postoponing the release date 2 times, and then post another supposed release date and then dip i feel actually stupid to still believe them after everything... they need to gain our trust, and by doing this ''working behind the scenes'' is a joke... we need information about the changes...
  9. Another false hope... please stop... getting a little tired of people assuming dates, after 2 postpones and a third supposed release date, making false hopes with this situation is not beneficial for anybody... because at this point not even fucking Leo knows when the game will be released, what a fucking joke...
  10. the game got released 4 days ago btw... and almost every article is saying how much real money u need to spend to get max character level or something... i dont think u need translation...
  11. Yeah thats true, but the fact that we didnt even got the beta is concerning, especially in a game like MicroVolts, people need to understand that testing a new game and an old game like MicroVolts is a whole different thing... I dont know if u thought about this, but we have to test HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS of weapons already released.. people need to understand that to be known as a PAY 2 WIN game on a west country market especially in Europe and America is going to be a turn off for people... The only Pay 2 win games that still are going are the ones running in Korea or China In other parts of the World thats not the case, the first thing that people see about a game is if its free to play friendly or not... look at Diablo immortal for example, i can literally write on google just ''Diablo immortal'' and i would bet my own life that the first thing that comes in the front page is ''pay 2 win'' or how much u need to spend to get to ''x'' level of a character... Yes thats it, i dont know nothing about the game, i dont follow the Diablo series, the only thing i saw or heard is that its pay 2 win... THATS WHAT PEOPLE IS LOOKING FIRST IN A GAME... So in conclusion testing a new game or an old game is different... so the fact that we still dont know the dates of the beta is super concerning... not even a single heads up on the situation since february.... FEBRUARY! i would rather test the game calmly instead of having a deadline right around the corner with testing so many weapons... i dont know about you, but i was being optimistic at the beginning but right now, i'm starting to get pissed...
  12. Well, its a totally different genre but i play Genshin Impact (gacha), Valorant, and started recently Ni No Kuni made by studio Ghibli
  13. The only option to not get burned out about all of this situation is just not to check the forum every single day, i see most of people doing like this and getting disappointed every single time... i used to check the forum everyday, but now like once every two weeks just because at least u wont get disappointed every single day but at least twice per month... its funny saying that but at this point there is no other choice but to avoid as much as possible this forum... My option is just to find another game u enjoy because this game could be released, yes, but that does not mean that the state of the game will be stable later on... yes its sad to say, but its fair to keep feet on the ground and be realistic... I have for example LOW, BOTTOM FLOOR expectation from this game studio, literally on the floor is my expectation, because all of this situation is a joke to the extreme... so find a game that u really enjoy and in the future when the game releases u can decide and look how the game develops... because we are waiting for a release, but no one knows how they will keep the game moving... For example... right now i have a game that i play everyday, and i check this forum every once in a while to see if there is anything new, if in the future the game will be released, i will try it for sure, but i want to see so much more from them about contentwise, and if im disappointed about their balance methods, about updates and such, i wont get so angry as much as some people here on this forum, and quit and get back to my other game... thats how i'm planning to do...