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  1. Update League 1 vs 1 Pre-Season Open โ€ป League is playable only in Europe Channel Bug Fix Fixed an issue where the client shuts down when clicking on some kill-related achievements Fixed an issue where some MP items are not being used properly Fixed an issue where the sound of some Guitar weapons is not normal
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  2. CASUAL TPS ใ€ŽMICROVOLTS : Rechargedใ€ Battle with your own figure! Hello players, We are almost at the start of the 1 vs 1 League Preseason! To celebrate the opening, we have prepared an event for you to have fun and enjoy the game. [League 1vs1 Preseason Open Celebration Event] ๐ŸŽˆ Event duration : After maintenance on May 28 ~ Before maintenance on Jun 25 You can get 1 Gold MP Chest + 1 Silver MP Chest by gaining 640+ experience in one match! If you gain less than 640 EXP, you will receive 1 Silver MP Box! - Gold MP Chest reward : Random MP up to a maximum of 350 MP - Silver MP Chest reward : Random MP up to a maximum of 250 MP Enjoy and good luck ! ๐Ÿ‘ โ€ป Please note that - Up to a maximum of 50 for each gold/silver MP chests can be received per day. - The reward count resets everyday at 00:00 UTC. - Event details are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your trust and support, we will endeavor to provide the best service all time for your enjoyment. Best regards, MVR Team
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